Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bag Love: Lanvin Amalia Crinkle Cabas Tote

I was strolling around Neiman Marcus one saturday a few months ago, admiring the Lanvin Amalia Crinkle Cabas Tote, when I received an email from hgbagsonline letting me know that Erica just received a shipment of Lanvin in. I quickly placed an order and received this beauty a few days later. It was originally quite stiff but has softened up nicely:

This bag fits all my winter needs and I love that the strap has two different lengths. You can find the Amalia Crinkle Cabas tote at Barneys for $1,735.

Get the look: Banana Republic Nylon drawstring tote $59.50


  1. That Amalia is incredible! Gorgeous! It looks as though it will age nicely, something to keep forever!

  2. Beautiful! Banana Republic doesn't compare ;-)