Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tweed Jackets

I ran into JCrew a couple of weekends ago in search of a perfect mix and match blazer. I've long stopped buying pants and jackets together- I just don't get much use out of the jackets. Blazers tend to get in the way and are a bit too stiff when typing - but are necessary for meetings. I like to keep a couple in my closet to throw on when needed. However- when I stopped in JCrew I was disappointed that they did not have any tweed summer jackets this year... well I guess I was just too early because I found exactly what I was looking in JCrew's new arrivals:

From the photo, the Platinum tweed jacket looks like it would go great with black, brown, tan, and navy pants. Fingers crossed it fits well :)

I'm also a huge fan of the Cropped Silk Blazer which is now on sale for $99.

JCrew stripped silk tee

I thought the shirt I posted here: jcrew-head-to-toe had been posted on the site but it must have previewed early at JCrew's Garden State Plaza store. It just got rolled out in JCrew's new arrivals:

buy it here

I love it to death! I know some women love cotton t-shirts under their blazers but I prefer something dressier. A silk tee fits the bill perfectly. I wear it with my pink JCrew pants or navy blue pants tucked in.